Seamless Connection between MESDA’s Flagship Product MC-250+MS6018C and all Major Projects Throughout the Country

Published at 11:24:27 June 28, 2018

Recent years, major projects across the country have been intensively started, with a total
investment of
nearly CNY 300 billion. Among which, CNY 149.3 billion are invested in roads, CNY 54.1 billion
are municipal
projects, CNY 40.5 billion are railway projects, CNY 17 billion are rail transit projects, CNY
15 billion are
international projects, CNY 13.2 billion are airport projects, and CNY 1.6 billion are
hydropower projects.

Application of MESDA crawler mobile crushing station and screening machine

01 Municipal Engineering: Retreading road, concrete in construction and
auxiliary materials;

02 Engineering: Railway, road, water conservancy and specific
construction project;

03 Quarry: Quantitative crushing of follow and specific construction

04 Mining: Surface mine, and natural sand and stone;

05 Demolition: Professional demolition, crushing construction waste on
the site by
blasting company;

06 Recycle: Recycling of tailing and waste residue.

07 Lease: Above temporary application

Advantages of MESDA crawler mobile crushing and screening equipment

01 Removability (load-bearing move with crawler)

02 Adapt to different industries and mining (convenient for transition)

03 Fast service and maintenance (convenient maintenance)

04 Reduce capital input (save investment in civil engineering)

05 Quick return on investment (high yield and quick return on

06 Operate equipment easily (wireless remote control + wired remote
control for

07 Reduce cost (removal the time of truck transfer as material
principle of

08 Independent assortment (the equipment can be free combination at any
produce different materials, and be convenient to rectification)

09 The equipment can be rented out (it can be rented out or help
others to crush
processing materials after meeting the production of ourselves.)

MESDA Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant Used in Making Cement Stabilized Materials

June 28, 2018

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June 28, 2018

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