Guangxi MESDA was established in Nanning, South China in 2009. It began as a manufacturer of mobile crushing and screening equipment, quickly integrated R&D, design, manufacture, sales and services. After more than a decade of development, MESDA became a group manufacturing corporation in 2020. It currently holds the leading position in the industry in China with 4 contemporary manufacturing bases, comprehensive supply chains, and an annual capacity of over 2,000 units of complete equipment.


MESDA’s products are widely used in mining, tailing treatment, construction aggregates, and solid waste treatment, recycling, etc., involving 5 chain sectors of drilling, loading, crushing, screening, and conveying. MESDA also offers relevant equipment and comprehensive solutions.


MESDA has accumulated more than ten years of practical experience in R&D and production, to provide machines with different power solutions, such as diesel engine drive, fuel and electric hybrid drive, external electric drive, etc.. The equipment is easy and reliable operation, stable and effective performance, low carbon dioxide emissions and energy-saving,environmental protecting, and convenient maintenance, all of these features allow it to satisfy the needs of a wide range of working and climatic situations.


Facing the global material processing market, MESDA pays close attention to safety and environmental requirements,devotes itself to research, development, innovation, and practical applications, integrates advanced production and manufacturing techniques, improves the supply chain, focuses on customers needs and challenges, and commits to provide customers with high-quality and reliable equipment and services.

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