MESDA Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant Used in Making Cement Stabilized Materials

Published at 11:13:03 June 28, 2018

2018 was a bumper year. MESDA mobile crushing and screening machine sprung up all over the country, serving
for workers in different fields efficiently every day. In September of this year, MESDA’s mobile crushing and
screening machine was used to road cement stabilized cushion in a southwest city.

Cement stabilized macadam used graded crushed stone as aggregate, to fill aggregate voids by a certain
amount of cementing material and enough mortar, and pave & compact according to the principle of embedded
interlock. Its compaction is close to the compactness. The strength mainly depends on the principle of
embedded interlock and keying between macadam and enough mortar to fill the gap of aggregate. Cement
stabilized macadam’s initial strength is high, and the strength increases soon along with age and then to be
the plate body. Therefore, it has higher strength, good impermeability and the frost resistance. The dosage of
cement stabilized macadam is generally 3%~6% of the mixture, whose 7-day’s unconfined compression strength can
reach 1.5~4.0MPa that is higher than other subgrade materials. After cement stabilized macadam is successful
done, it won’t muddy in rain, and is the ideal base material for advanced pavement as its surface is solid.
The aggregate particle size should not exceed 40mm when it is used as the base course of the road and should
not exceed 30mm when used as general base course.


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June 28, 2018

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