MESDA GROUP| Ceremony of Chongqing Subsidiary!

Published at 01:51:35 April 29, 2021


Chongqing Subsidiary is another regional service outlets after Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai and Fujian of Mesda Group. Yunnan and other places’ subsidiaries will also open one after another within This Year.

MESDA Group is speeding up its strategic network. Not only completing the layout in China, and it also carries out global planning. In 2021, as the first year of overseas market strategy, we will go global through direct sales under our own brand. The purpose is to be closer to the market, be closer to the users, and to implement the service concept of “Mesda is Close To You “.


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Today, we thanks our agents, customers and partners come from a long way!

Many partners are not only our loyal customers of MESDA, but also our mentors and helpful friends who keep improving and moving forward! MESDA is Close To You! Not only because we provide professional solutions for customers, provide high-quality and efficient services, but also we provide professional users with a better communication platform.



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MESDA Group Chongqing Subsidiary

Add: No. 11-5 , Hailing International Construction Machinery Trading Center,No 12 Airport Linghang South Road, Yubei District, Chongqing China Contact: Tingnan Xie (General Manager of Southwest Region) Tel: 0086-15994448012

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