The 1st China Branded Three-piece-boom Wheel Excavator has been Launched by MESDA in Nanning

Published at 02:53:41 July 15, 2022

On July 15th, 2022, the 1st China branded 3-piece-boom wheel excavator ME10E has been launched by MESDA in the High-tech Zone Base of Nanning City. As the latest 3-piece-boom wheel excavator which’s fully designed by Mesda, she’s the beauty of Mesda’s wheeled excavator series with the unique design, advanced technology, innovative appearance, etc. The vice president Mr. Huang Faqiang, the vice president Mr. Huang Kangnan, the vice president Mr. Song Xiaoju, and the vice president Mr. Huang Zhuqin of Mesda Group have been there and celebrated the glorious moment together.

Mr. Song Xiaoju, the vice president of Mesda Group says,

Today, we’re going to launch the 1st China branded 3-piece-boom wheel excavator. It’s not only about the competition of product itself. It’s also a totally brand-new innovative product line ever existed, but has been created by Mesda. It’s the milestone of the history of Mesda & China.

At present, the development of China Construction Machinery Industry has come to the adjustment stage of economic cycle, which requires a much higher challenge of the competitiveness of enterprises. The launch of this 3-piece-boom wheel excavator is the best prove of Mesda’s remarkable ability of innovation, R&D, design, and manufacturing.

By visiting the market, we found the demand of industry & the creation of value should still be on the first position of the group’s development strategy in the future. The three-piece-boom wheel excavator is suitable for multifarious working conditions. So, it can meet the needs of different markets and industries. We’ll lead the market of China & the world through this brand-new product.

ME10M is a wheeled hydraulic excavator with three-piece-boom which’s fully designed by Mesda in Nanning. The three-piece-boom design makes it capable for multiple working conditions & touch working conditions. Mesda ME10M can achieve the 360° rotation within 1.55m. The bucket can reach multiple directions in a limited space to expand the working area. In an urban environment, all you need is only one road to get your job done.

Break tradition for change! Mesda’s always one step ahead. Create value for client! Mesda’s always focusing on R&D and technical updating. Future belongs to the winner, and the winner will be Mesda. Mesda’ll keep launching equipment which’s valuable for clients, and help to build a better tomorrow.

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