Recycling: Good idea to Turn Waste at the Job Site into Resources

Published at 11:09:37 December 28, 2018

In the process of urbanization, such activities as demolition and reconstruction of old urban areas, the
development and construction of new urban areas and the municipal infrastructure and others have produced a
large number of construction waste, which has caused great pressure on the treatment and management of urban
solid waste. Various environmental problems, resource problems and safety problems have been constantly

With the continuous acceleration of the urbanization process, the production and discharge of construction
waste in the city are also increasing rapidly. Traditional methods such as transportation, stacking, landfill,
etc. have always been unable to become the long-term development of urbanization. The right way is to reuse
construction waste and turn it into treasure.

The mobile crawler crushing and screening technology developed by Guangxi MESDA breaks the limited of
traditional construction waste treatment mode and advocates a new crushing and screening treatment mode. It
crushes, breaks, separates and sorts construction waste into a variety of recycled aggregates with different
specifications, which can be used for raw materials of mechanism brick and pavement brick, and cushion
material of hardening road surface and road infrastructure construction and so on. Its mobile crushing and
screening equipment is convenient for transitions, covers less floor area, supports mobile and crushing in job
site, whose crushing finished products can be used in situ. It not only greatly reduces the cost of
transportation, but also saves the consumption of raw materials and production costs. Existing construction
waste is used for secondary recycling after crushing and sorting out. The green development mode with
standardization, rationalization and recyclable of construction waste treatment are not only the requirement
of long-term development of today’s social construction, but also the new revolution of practical breakthrough
of MESDA’s mobile crushing and screening technology.

MESDA’s Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant is Widely Used in the Field of Construction Waste Treatment

June 28, 2018

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January 29, 2019

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