Look Back on the Happy Moments in the Past and Look Forward to the Bright Future Together

Published at 11:11:30 January 29, 2019

The remaining heat of MESDA’s annual meeting once a year has not yet gone away. Looking back on that day, it was a particularly meaningful day for MESDA. Friends and business partners from all over the world came from afar to gather together in the new Factory of MESDA in Wuhe, Nanning, Guangxi, China and share the wonderful time of the annual meeting.

There are activities such as go – karting race, barbecue, traditional fresh for extrusion rice noodles, beer, beverage, buffet, show, MESDA Voice, lucky draw and so on. Everyone is full harvest, and welcome the new chapter in the future together.

In the morning of January 19, 2019, MESDA exchanged and shared technology in the 2018 Annual National Distribution Agents Summary Exchange Meeting, so as to make the cooperation much closer. Look forward to 2019 and jointly innovate the future.

The first half of the annual meeting is the go – karting race that we have been looking forward to for a long time. On the field, the competitors surrounded the periphery of MESDA’s factory forming a track belonging to MESDA all showed their different styles whether they were the merchants group, families group, or the employees group etc.

In the evening of January 19, 2019, we gathered in MESDA’s new factory of Wuhe, where held the annual New Year activity of “Struggles to Light Dream”. We are honored to invite customers who have accompanied and trusted us all the way, and partners who have helped and supported us. A song named “Tomorrow will be Better” extended our sincere thanks to our friends from all walks of life, and greatest respect to our family members and friends & relatives for their support and encouragement.

Thank you for the recognition of the distribution agent customers, the help of suppliers, the unremitting efforts of MESDA’s colleagues, the understanding and support of relatives and friends, and everyone around MESDA. It is you who have given us the highest strength and motivation to support MESDA in 2018, so that we can continue to make more progress in 2019 with more confidence and responsibility, so as to consolidate more firmly plan of MESDA for the next five years! In 2019, MESDA will meet greater challenges with a higher attitude, stronger will and more efforts!


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