Industry Moved Back and Gathered in Nanning City

Published at 15:25:36 on March 07, 2019


In the afternoon of March 05, Zhang Wenjun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Nanning Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor accompanied by Tang Xiaoruo, Secretary of Qingxiu District Party Committee, visited MESDA’s Wuhe Factory in Nanning, Guangxi, China for research and door-to-door service. During the research, vice mayor Zhang Wenjun stressed that all departments at all levels shall carry out Strong Capital Strategy with innovation, strengthen responsibility according to the activity requirements of “Year of Three Crucial Breakthrough” launched by Nanning Municipal Party Committee, and vigorously accelerate the construction of MESDA’s “Future Intelligent Factory” project. Down-to-earth development, moving back to the industrial chain, forming industrial clusters contribute to higher quality economic and social development of real strength for the capital city economy.

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