Mesda large-scale mobile crushing and screening station serves Fujian wharf foundation project

Published at 10:37:36 December 23, 2023

Large-scale mobile crushing and screening production lines upplied by Mesda were successfully Commissioned in Fujian wharf project. Each line has output capacity of 250-350tons per hour and daily production of 5000-6000 tons on design. The customer is very happy with the real result which is exceeding customer’s expectation.

Project Overview

There is a earth moving project with the volume of approximate 30 million tons in the terminal construction. The prospective construction period for the earth moving is about 4 years. The rock in the project is granite, with maximum size of 800mm, which will be processed into aggregates.
The processed stone is granite with a maximum particle size of 800mm.

The aggregates of 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-31,5mm aggregates and daily production capacity 4000-5000 tons for mobile lines are required.

The customer is very satisfied with MESDA two mobile lines, that comprehensive production capacity is 250-350 tones per hour. The lines composed with a MESDA mobile horizontal screen to guarantee the final products quality.

The MESDA equipment is powered by electric drive mode, making it environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and economical. Each material transfer point on the equipment is equipped with a dust suppression spray system to reduce dust during production operations.

After the Mesda equipment was put into use, it operated in two shifts, resulting in stable production and a significant increase in production capacity. The output ranged from 250 to 350 tons per hour, and the average daily processing capacity reached 5,000 to 6,000 tons, exceeding the customer’s expected output.




Customer evaluation

From the early stages of project design to on-site investigation, Mesda always pays attention to our needs and recommends the best solutions based on the physical properties, abrasiveness, and crushing value of the materials. The crusher not only offers a high output, excellent performance, and simple maintenance, but also features a continuous feeding system with precise control, ensuring the crusher can achieve its optimal production capacity.

Mesda’s after-sales service team offers timely, professional, and comprehensive support, including equipment installation, commissioning, equipment operation training, and safety production. Provide strong support and assurance to accelerate the project’s production.

The words above are from the project leader’s heart. Customers highly appreciate Mesda’s equipment and team, as well as their pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. He also mentioned, “Mesda has resolved the production capacity issue for us, enabling the project to progress smoothly.” “Mesda makes us worry-free, assured, and at ease!”

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