MESDA and Thailand agents reached cooperation

Published at 11:36:42 March 13, 2024

Mesda Group, upholding the ethos of open collaboration, has forged a strategic partnership with P.V.MINING, a leading agency in Thailand.

PV Mining and Exploration Co., Ltd. (PVM), a very experienced team with over 39 years of knowledge and credibility in the specialized area of supporting mining and construction industrials.MESDA,as a company based in Guangxi,cares about Southeast Asia. Mesda diligently listens to the demands of local customers, actively responds to their needs, endeavors to meet diverse expectations, and collaborates closely with clients to create a brilliant future.

Looking forward, Mesda Group will keep working towards our long-term goals. We’ll focus on being innovative and using resources from all over the world. We’ll also keep improving our products and services to make them the best they can be for our customers worldwide. Concurrently, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive, unified, open, and innovative corporate culture, attracting top talents worldwide to extend global business and share in global achievements.


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August 16, 2023

MESDA and Thailand agents reached cooperation

March 13, 2024

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