Congratulations on the Grand Opening of Guangxi Mesda Group Yunnan Sales Co, Ltd!

Released at 13:48:26, June 1, 2021

Grand opening of Guangxi Mesda Group Yunnan Co., Ltd!

On 28th May 2021, Guangxi Mesda Group Co, Ltd (Mesda) opened its Yunnan Sales Branch Guangxi Mesda Group Yunnan Co., Ltd (Mesda Yunnan) in the Taiping Huachu International Auto Parts City, Anning, Kunming, China. Mesda’s chairman Kanghua Huang and Mesda’s Vice Presidents Mr Faqiang Huang, Kangnan Huang, Guohe Huang, Yajun Yu, Xiaoju Song, and Zhuqin Huang attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

MesdaYunnan is Mesda’ sixth sales branch in China. It follows the opening of Chongqing Branch, Guangzhou Branch, Chengdu Branch, Shanghai Branch and Fujian Branch in other regions of the country.

Mr Kanghua Huang mentioned in his opening address that the grand opening of Mesda Yunnan shows Mesda’s commitment of providing our customers and partners with excellent, comprehensive and timely services.”

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01 Addresses by Leaders

02 Ribbon-cutting & Unveiling

03 On-site Introduction

04 Communication among guests
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Grand Opening

Guangxi Mesda Group Yunnan Co., Ltd
Address: Kunming Anning Taiping Huachu International Auto Parts City
Contact Person: Li, Jixue (General Manager of Mesda Yunnan)
Tel: 18987590078
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